American girl with a beer.

Well, I left you with a French Au-revoir and you walked away a bit too fast. It’s not like I meet Idoha girls everyday of the week !

You seemed like an interesting girl and I would love to meet you again (I guess for a beer, not a coffee ahah). Come on, you said you loved my accent and you definitely have to show me your drawings : looks like a perfect excuse to see you again.

So… if you see this someday, give me a shoutout, would be a pleasure.

Or if any frenchies see this and know about an American girl from Idoha studying medecine in Tls, then tell her about this message, thanks.

The guy with the black hat.


  • Métrobà Borderouge.
  • Une rencontre faite le 6 mai 2018.
  • Rédigé par un homme pour une femme.
  • Publié le lundi 7 mai.


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